My First 21st

In South Africa, coming of age landmarks are a bit different than in the United States.

16 years-  Nothing significant happens other than acne.

18 years-  Kids can get a learner drivers and work towards their license.  They can also drink alcohol.

21 years- The really big deal.  These kids are now adults.  Before this time, parents still have to sign many official documents for them.  The 21st Birthday is often marked with a big party.  And we’re not talking about jeans attire.  More like cocktail attire.  Family.  Friends.  Full dinners.  Slide shows.  Speeches.  It’s a bit like a wedding reception.  Not everyone goes this big, but I’ve seen the pictures, and these things are very common, if it can be afforded.

On the 6th of September, my friend Tara had her 21st party, and I was not disappointed.  Some friends offered the venue.  48 people attended…and three dogs who lived on the property.  White tablecloths.  Candles.  Flowers.  Wine.  Champagne.  Full Dinner and some amazing deserts.

After eating, the tables were moved out of the way, and the boogy town commenced.  I must say that some people didn’t leave until midnight.  Whether or not I was apart of that group…well I was.  You know I was.  You know I was dancing until I could not stand.



















At the end…things got questionable…

One response to “My First 21st

  1. Danielle, your blog is so sweet to me…I love how your photography has become sooo beautiful and attractive in every way….You are so blessed. Thinking of you often:)

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